​​R. Shah Studio

​​​​​Peace. ART. Soul.

My Artistic Self

In combination with structure and shape “Color with light” drapes, bathes, warms, cools, excites or calms. I enjoy working across a variety of mediums.  Recently, I began leveraging metallic hues in layers - a space which I have come to thoroughly enjoy. My artwork allows the viewer a dynamic relationship with the composition as light and position impact the painting to allow various gradations of color to come to the surface.

Retired from healthcare marketing after 20 years, in 2012 I moved to Tokyo and have been cultivating my artistic side with studio classes in Oil, Drawing, Acrylic, Photography and supplementary courses at Temple’s Tyler School of Art in Tokyo.  After numerous student exhibitions, my first professional Exhibition was in October of 2016 as a co-exhibitor of Indian Icons: Peace. Spirit. Joy.

My photographs serve as inspirations for my paintings. I like to combine my passion of travel and adventure with Art.  Living, working and traveling across the world, I am always seeking to capture interpretations in the composition and articulation of “color and light”.

(With) Peace...  (In) ART...  (To the) Soul.