You can also visit my portfolio at Kitano Alley Gallery in Kobe, Japan

​​R. Shah Studio

My Artistic Self

​​​​​Peace. ART. Soul.

Rajul combines her passion for travel and adventure with Art; and seeks to create expressionistic landscape compositions that capture the spirit of a place, a time, a memory, or an experience. 

She creates paintings that impart emotions unique to each person’s soul; whether it is excitement, desire, inspiration, peace or a sense of adventure. Rajul integrates earthen materials such as gold, silver, and copper across traditional and contemporary mediums, materials, textures and techniques that blend seamlessly together.

Rajul has exhibited at the Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo and will be exhibiting at the Kitano Alley Gallery in Kobe in October 2017; and at the India Art Festival in February, 2018.  She is a member of WAAT (Women’s Art Association of Tokyo)

(With) Peace...  (In) ART...  (To the) Soul.