​​R. Shah Studio

​​​​​Peace. ART. Soul.

You can also visit my portfolio at Kitano Alley Gallery in Kobe, Japan


My Artistic Self

Combining my passion for travel and adventure with Art; I seek to create expressionistic landscape compositions that capture the spirit of a place, a time, a memory, or an experience. 

My goal is to create paintings that impart emotions unique to each person’s soul; whether it is excitement, desire, inspiration, peace or a sense of adventure.  I integrate earthen materials such as gold, silver, and copper across traditional and contemporary mediums, materials, textures and techniques that blend seamlessly together.

Although we collectively represent a human race, each of us brings our own unique set of experiences as individuals.  Therefore, the collector is always at the center of my paintings not as an observer, but as a participant.

(With) Peace...  (In) ART...  (To the) Soul.