Title: Surya Rising 

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 40cm x 50cm

For the Blossom Blast 2017 event, artists were asked to depict a woman's issue for International Women's Month - What it means to be a woman.

In keeping with my Indian roots, Surya Rising depicts the rise of the local village economies in India due to micro-financing projects that employed local women to create Indian handicrafts and textiles, such as the one used here.  Surya is the god of the Sun.  In Hindu/Indian mythology, he represents knowledge, resurgence, renewal and immortality.

"Surya Rising" speaks to the rebirth of familial, local and regional economies as a result of these endeavors.  Women are put in a role of empowerment and become financial contributors to the well being of their families in India and around the world.

I had the privilege of being selected as an artist for the Rotating Daily Easel at the Blossom Blast 2017 Event.  Surya Rising (depicted below) was showcased on March 3, 2017.

For International Women’s Month - the Blossom Blast event was from March 1 to March 18; curated by Miki Saito in collaboration with the SuperNew Art Gallery in Harajuku and TokyoDex. 

An Art Exhibition featuring local and foreign artists.

Blossom Blast is an event that is open to the general public, there are several events planned, both specific to Art and not so specific to art. 

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