​​R. Shah Studio

​​​​​Peace. ART. Soul.

The Great Wall of China

Oil & Silver Leaf on Canvas

25 x 50cm

46,500 yen

Red Sails at Ha Long Bay

Oil & Copper Leaf on Canvas

50 x 25cm

46,500 yen

Three Monks - Siem Reap

Acrylic, Oil & Silver Leaf on Canvas

33 x 24cm

29,500 yen

A Walk in the Forest

Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto - Japan

Acrylic, & Gold Leaf on Canvas

63.5 x 79cm

165,000 yen

February 15 to 18, 2018

​VIP Preview February 14

A Traveler's Canvas

India Art Festival
Nehru Centre
Mumbai, India

Arashiyama River, Kyoto-Japan

Acrylic, & Japanese Watercolor on Wood Panel

33.5 x 28cm

34,000 yen

Wisteria and the Bee

Ashikagawa, Japan

Oil & Silver Leaf on Canvas

25 x 250cm

46,500 yen

The Boy at Sunset - Waikiki Beach

Oil on Canvas

36 x 28cm

40,000 yen

Peace, Love, Light

Inari Shrine, Kyoto-Japan

Acrylic on Canvas

30 x 40cm

50,000 yen

Ode to Monet

Naoshima, Japan

Oil & Gold Leaf on Canvas

33 x 24cm

29,500 yen

Throughout my travels, I find many different types of landscapes that inspire me to paint.  I will take photographs, bring them home and then go through them to see which ones give me the "Joy Spark".  There is the beach in Waikiki, Datai Beach in Malaysia, Sagano Bamboo Forest and the Miyajima Torii Gate in Japan, to name a few!  Some will be more abstract.  Stay Tuned as I continue to use earthen materials, metallic paints and pigments across Oil, Acrylic and Japanese Watercolor!

Moonrise on Datai Beach, Langkawi, Malaysia

Oil on Canvas

40 x 60cm

48,000 yen

The Torii Gate at Miyajima

Oil & Mica on Canvas

50 x 25cm

46,500 yen