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Title: The Boy
Medium: Oil on Canvas (33.5cm x 53cm)
Year: 2015

Visiting Waikiki in Hawaii, I caught my son looking out over the beach and water at the sailboat in the distance. It's a memory which brings me a sense of joy as I watched him peacefully enjoy the sun on his face and his view of the ocean.


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 25.5cm x 51cm

Year: 2016

Japanese Brush Painting is an art all its own - the goal is to capture the "spirit" of what is being painted. A recyclable material, the Bamboo brings a sense of hope and calm. Bamboo is depicted with Sumi-E brush strokes in the Acrylic medium.  

Title: Roppongi Hills Spider

Medium: Watercolor Pencil on Paper (31cm x 41cm)

Year: 2016

I like to sketch when I travel and every once in a while, I will post my sketches.  As a result of one posting, my friend asked for her own version of the Roppongi Hills Spider in Roku Roku Plaza.  The ten metre bronze sculpture is called Maman and is the work of French artist, Louise Bourgeois. This is a scene which signifies that I am close to my hime in Tokyo.